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Maintaining an exercise routine in the winter is a challenge for many of us.  If we aren’t bundling up to go for a run outside, we’re driving to the gym.  Both of these things pose as barriers to maintaining fitness and finding motivation.  Exercising outside during the winter however, has many benefits.  In addition to the positive impacts on our mood during these colder, often cloudier months, some of these additional benefits may help you find the motivation to bundle up this winter.  

1.) Getting outside is the best way to get your Vitamin D, and this becomes even more important during the winter months.

2.) Working up a sweat outside can help keep you warmer throughout the day.

3.) Often we naturally aren’t as thirsty during the winter months, and regular exercise means you’re likely to drink more water throughout the day and stay hydrated.

4.) A strengthened immune system

5.) Exercising in colder temperatures can enhance your endurance

6.) An increase in energy levels and productivity.

7.) Avoiding wintertime weight gain.

8.) Mood enhancement

9.) Connecting with nature.

10.) We often spend more time indoors during the winter months, and exercising outside is a perfect way to get fresh air everyday.


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