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Staying plant-based on birthdays can be tricky!  First, if you are the parent of a child and it is their birthday, you may not want to dictate a whole food, plant-based dinner.  But, if it is you or a loved one who is already plant-based, then it is both easy and fun to create a special celebration. Here are several ideas to try:

  • Let the person who is having the birthday choose any meal they would like and then the rest of the family can prepare it for them. This is especially enjoyable if the person having a birthday normally does the cooking!

  • Let the birthday person choose their favorite restaurant.  There are so many with plant-based options to choose from, especially ethnic restaurants like Thai, Mexican, or Japanese.

  • Purchase vegan cupcakes at a bakery.  More bakeries now offer this option and they are very tasty. Yes they are higher in fat and sugar, but it is a birthday celebration!

  • If you are really adventurous, try making a the Hot Fudge Sundae Cake out of the PlantPure Kitchen Cookbook – just add candles!

Ultimately the goal is to enjoy your special day or make someone else’s day special!


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