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Snacking is a common habit that almost everybody does. Can it be healthy? Yes! The trick is keeping our snacks unprocessed and plant-based. We often reach for things like chips, cookies, crackers, and even candy.  

Try some of these tips to help you make smart food choices throughout the day:

  1. Avoid snacks that come out of a package. Focus on fresh produce and items that you have prepared ahead of time. 

  2. Drink first. Sometimes we snack because we are thirsty, so make sure you are getting plenty of fluids and staying hydrated. Take a glass water bottle with you throughout your day to remind you to drink.

  3. Prep ahead. Make your snacks while you are preparing other meals. For example, if you are making roasted potatoes, make a few extra for your afternoon snack the next day. If you’re making hummus or guacamole, put some in small snack-sized containers along with a bag of pre-cut veggies for the next day’s snacks. Whenever you are chopping veggies or fruit, chop a few extra and portion them out for snacks. Make bigger salads and enjoy the extra for a snack as well.   

  4. Place a fruit basket on your office desk. We often think these baskets are made for our kitchens and homes when in fact a fruit basket is also well suited for the office. You could be setting the perfect example for others in the workplace too.

  5. Try not to let yourself become ravenously hungry or shall I say “hangry”.  When we reach that point of hunger, we tend to grab anything which often means snacking on empty calories loaded with salts, sugars, and oils.  


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