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As an Exercise Physiologist I often hear people say they are just too busy to exercise.  With busy careers, children’s activities and other responsibilities it can be a challenge to have a regular exercise program,  especially if you are trying to carve out 60 minutes to get to the gym.

If you wait until you have a full free hour in your day you may never exercise.  While you are eating breakfast, plan in your ‘squeeze’ times.  This is important because if you find yourself at your child’s soccer practice and realize you have 30 minutes of wait-time but no walking shoes then the opportunity is lost.  Think of any brief periods during your day (10-15 minutes) where you can exercise.  If you have time at lunch and can walk the stairways for 10 minutes,  that is 10 more minutes of moving your body that you have incorporated.  This only happens  if you have planned ahead and brought the right shoes.  Other good squeeze times can be getting up 15 minutes earlier and going for a fast walk before your day starts, or in the evening, as soon as you walk in the door, putting on your walking shoes and using 15 minutes to move your body and unwind at the same time.  

Photo courtesy of Pixabay.  

All of these brief periods of exercise will add up at the end of the day to a full workout!

Exercise is nothing more than moving your body – it doesn’t have to be at a gym.  Changing your paradigm to ‘how often can I move my body during my day?’ can really impact your health.  

Remember, every time you move your body you are increasing blood flow, using your muscles and increasing your metabolism!


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