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September 13, 2018

The Plant Powered Manhattan Pod hosted its monthly networking event for the whole food, plant-based community, featuring Dr. Hooman Yaghoobzadeh, cardiologist at Weill Cornell Medicine. He presented recent scientific findings such as how important fiber is in reducing all-cause mortality, how unhealthy plant-based diets are just as bad as omnivorous diets in contributing to cardiovascular disease, and some fascinating studies on the microbiome and what happens when we change our diets. Dr. Yaghoobzadeh also spoke about applying WFPB nutrition in his practice and the results he was seeing with his patients, which are truly remarkable. 


The Pod also made time for personal connection, story sharing, and troubleshooting (especially how to live WFPB in a non-WFPB world). The attendees contributed a delicious potluck dinner. Another local plant-based doctor attended who was so amazed by the food, she said it was the best meal she’d had all week.

Original Submission received from Lianna Levine Reisner, Group Leader of the Plant Powered Manhattan Pod in Manhattan, New York.

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