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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 30, 2019

For Information, contact: Kera Linn, PPC Pod Operations Manager: (704) 412-4506 X 116


The PPC Pod Network Adds Almost a Pod a Day in August! 


The nonprofit organization PlantPure Communities (PPC) today announced the achievement of ambitious growth milestones in the PPC Pod Network – the backbone of the worldwide grassroots whole food, plant-based (WFPB) movement. In the month of August alone, 29 new Pods joined the Network (the average in 2018 was approximately 10 new Pods/month). With the addition of Pods in Australia, Singapore, and Mexico, the PPC Pod Network now has Pods sharing the benefits of plant-based nutrition in 22 countries.  

The PPC Pod Network emerged out of the call-to-action in the 2015 film PlantPure Nation. Through the Pod Network, PPC supports a grassroots movement of people leading and participating in independent local groups (called “Pods”), empowering them to promote the benefits of a WFPB lifestyle. People from all walks of life and at different stages in their wellness or plant-based journeys join the Pod Network every day. 

“Pods provide a place where people can connect for support and friendship. Members meet through potlucks, seminars, cooking classes, movie nights, and other social events. Pods are also encouraged to develop local advocacy strategies to communicate the important health and environmental benefits of plant-based nutrition,” said Nelson Campbell, PPC Board Chair and Founder.  

“To date, more than 220,000 people are connected to the PlantPure Communities Pod Network in over 22 countries. It’s inspiring to meet so many leaders and support them in their commitment to making an impact in their communities.” said Kera Linn, PPC Pod Operations Manager. 

“Our July 31st free ‘Welcome to the Pod Network’ webinar created a lot of buzz,” she added. Hundreds of people registered, participated live, or watched the recording to learn how they can create Pods in their communities.  

“July’s webinar was a huge success,” said Caroline Dyar, PPC Vice President. “It featured the PPC Pod Support team (myself, Ella Stephens, Kera Linn, Heather Patrick, and Josh Wayne) and two Pod Leaders, Haley Vasuki of Plant Empowered Florence, SC (U.S.) and Michelle Tree of Plant-Based Living Winnipeg (Canada). We are grateful to our speakers for sharing their insights about creating and running a Pod, and even more important – how impactful and satisfying it is. Leading or participating in a Pod can be a fun, rewarding way to share your passion for plant-based nutrition!”  

Beyond the health benefits of eating more plants, reducing the consumption of animal-based foods also helps address our climate crisis. An important report issued by the UN in October 2018 recommends that everyone reduce their consumption of animal products by 30% to avoid irreversible damage to the planet. There is growing momentum to push plant-centric menus for public health and the health of the planet. For those interested in shifting how they eat, creating or joining a Pod is a great place to start!  

For more about the PlantPure Communities Pod Network, visit this webpage and check out the Pod Locator Map to find a Pod in your community. 


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