The PlantPure Communities Campaign Toolkits support projects undertaken by the PlantPure Communities Pod Network and other advocates working to spread the health message of plant-based diets. The Toolkits offer Pods a menu of ‘campaign’ options to create positive change in neighborhoods and beyond that is meaningful to the people who participate in the Pod.

This toolkits offers guidance for individuals interested in transitioning to a whole food, plant-based (WFPB) diet, addressing a range of issues and offering sensible, factual guidance with reference to links to more information. 

Dining out in a healthy way can require patience and creativity when you’re new to the whole food, plant-based lifestyle. It’s almost always possible to adapt an entrée or create a meal from the appetizers and side dishes once you become familiar with what’s available. Valuable tips for dining out are included in this Toolkit.

Make a difference on college campuses! The Pods on Campus Toolkit provides a framework for bringing the health message of a plant-based lifestyle to students, staff, and faculty on campuses everywhere. Use these materials to create a Pod/club and share the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle with college staff, faculty, and students – the future leaders of our world.

The Leadership Toolkit provides Group Leaders (GLs) with guidance on how to maintain and grow community member participation in their Pods (also known as Groups). This Toolkit also offers instructions on how to strengthen the internal structure of Pods by fostering inclusivity and engagement.

If you ever asked a restaurant to adjust a menu item to remove animal products, you are already participating in this Campaign. Join PPC’s national advocacy Campaign so your efforts contribute to the larger movement.

Organizing a VegFest can focus attention in the community on the benefits of a whole food, plant-based lifestyle by introducing this lifestyle to those unfamiliar with it while simultaneously supporting and inspiring those who already embrace it. 

The Gardening Toolkit is for anyone interested in growing their own fruits and vegetables. Learn how to create a Square Foot Garden, start meaningful gardening initiatives in your community, support local farmers, and more.

Are you concerned about the nutritional quality of the food being served at the schools in your community? Across the country, parents and community members have had significant successes improving school lunch fare. Use this toolkit to launch or support a lunch initiative in schools (K-12) in your community.

PPC is in the process of creating multiple Toolkits, releasing approximately one each quarter. We invite you to send us feedback on both form and substance via email.