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Organizing a VegFest can focus attention in the community on the benefits of a whole food, plant-based lifestyle by introducing this lifestyle to those unfamiliar with it while simultaneously supporting and inspiring those who already embrace it. Involving local businesses can demonstrate to them that there is demand for more plant-based options.


Organizing a VegFest

For Pods who are interested in initiating a VegFest in their community, here is a general guide to planning and organizing the event.


Establishing the Organizational Structure

While putting on a VegFest can be a lot of fun, there are some preliminary steps that may be necessary to enable your Pod to obtain necessary permits, enter into agreements, obtain funding, and pay expenses. This Action Sheet will help you evaluate if you need to form a legally recognized organization structure, such as a corporation or limited liability company, to be able to put on your event with your intended scope. 

VegFest Checklist

This handy checklist can provide some guidance when organizing a VegFest. The timeframe for all activities is approximate.


Building the Event Program

A great variety of activities can be offered during a VegFest event. By building a diverse program with interesting and engaging activities, you will attract more of the community to attend.


Volunteer Roles for VegFest

When organizing an event, there are many roles that can be assigned to volunteers, but it will likely take work to maximize the value that volunteers offer. This Action Sheet is intended to offer suggestions on the type of tasks volunteers might be asked to lead or undertake; and also suggestions on how to build ownership and otherwise keep volunteers engaged.


Promoting Events

So, you’ve decided to hold a community event. Great job! Ready for the next step? Here are some ways you can market your event and attract attendees so your event is a success!


PPN Film Screening

Many Pods have found that screening the PlantPure Nation film by Nelson Campbell creates a sense of community and purpose, and helps to provide context to Pod members for both the origins of the Pod program as well as how their Pod is a part of a larger grassroots movement.



Check out the Key Resources page for Info Sheets that would make great materials to share at a VegFest event!


PPC Pod Badge

This badge is intended for Group Leaders to use on your websites and flyers to show your Pod’s connection to the PPC Pod Network. (A preview of the badge is available here.) If you’d like to use the Badge, please contact Katya Trent, Director of Pod Operations. By using the badge, you certify that your Pod is a member organization of the PlantPure Communities Pod Network; and that your Pod has read and adopted the PlantPure Communities Culinary Philosophy. This badge is restricted to Pod-related use only.

Working with Vendors and Sponsors

The templates listed here are provided to help when working with vendors and sponsors. All templates should be reviewed to make sure they address the specifics of your VegFest. It is also recommended that you work with your lawyer whenever possible to have everything finalized. Note that these are Word (rather than PDF) documents so that you can edit them as you see fit.

Vendor Application
Vendor Contract
Sponsorship Form

Marketing/Promotional Materials

It’s possible to add details about your Pod and event to these templates.

Save the Date Card 1, Save the Date Card 2, Save the Date Card 3
Pod/WFPB Business Card 1, Pod/WFPB Business Card 2
Join a Pod Card
WFPB Flyer

PPC Canva Designs

Skill Sheet: Creating Digital Designs on Canva – Canva is a free graphic design software service that allows you to create digital designs for both web and print use. If you are interested in designing flyers, info cards, social media images, brochure, and more, Canva is a valuable and useful tool. This guide will show you how to set up an account and get started with a basic design.

We request that you review this Skill Sheet before accessing the templates via Canva which we have designed for your use. When you visit the following links, you will be taken to Canva’s website.

— BEFORE YOU BEGIN! — Make a copy and save as a new item, otherwise your changes will be made to the “original” template.

Save The Date Cards
Pod/WFPB Business Cards
Join A Pod Card
WFPB Flyer


Pre-event form

If you are planning to hold a VegFest or large event in your community, please take one minute to share a few details about the event with us via this form.


Post-event form

Have you organized a VegFest or large event in your community? Please take 2-3 minutes to share a few details about the event with us via this form.


Please share your questions with us so that we can include them in this section! Email


Pod News webpage: search the articles for stories related to VegFests

VegFest from Start to Finish: Detailed planning information

VegFest Organizers Unite: a closed group on Facebook

Global VegFests 2017 courtesy of Vegan Travel Club: a list of VegFests taking place all over the world – add yours to the list when you’ve scheduled it!