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Note: PPC encourages virtual activities during the pandemic. If Pod activities are taking place in person, PPC strongly encourages masks and social distancing for ALL Pod activities for the foreseeable future.

Pod Leaders and mother-daughter team, Dr. Sushma Jaswal (based in Punjab, India) and Nivi Jaswal (based in Boston MA), of The Virsā Pod, have proudly partnered with a premier senior citizens’ community called “Heavenly Palace” in Punjab (North-Western India). Heavenly Palace is run by a charitable trust founded by prominent Indian American entrepreneur-philanthropist, Mr. Anil Monga. 

Dr. Jaswal led the creation of a whole food, plant-based no-oil (WFPB) menu for approximately 45 seniors who signed up for the program. Dr. Jaswal also led the training of the chefs in the state-of-the-art kitchen built to serve this lush, environmentally sustainable, senior citizen facility.

Carrying out Blood Work

Mr. Monga facilitated the collaboration with the Heavenly Palace Seniors Facility’s doctor, Dr. Sukhbir Singh Gill, MD to supervise all baseline health data for the seniors, including a careful understanding of their medicines and chronic illness diagnoses, etc. Health care professionals measured Body Composition Analysis and took bloodwork to determine baseline health biometrics. 

Body Composition Analysis

To further support the Jumpstart and future plant-based programs in Punjab, Dr. Paruthi, MD applied for and received a scholarship by PlantPure Communities to attend the Moving Medicine Forward Master Class on Plant-based Clinical Nutrition taught by Dr. Michael Klaper from July through December 2020. Dr. Paruthi is a Virsā Pod member, volunteer, and retired professor who taught at a premier Medical College & Hospital in Punjab India. He and Dr. Gill provide support for the Pod’s Healthy Meals Program and Plant-Based Education efforts. Dr. Paruthi is excited to be able to support Dr. Jaswal and Jumpstarters with newfound wisdom from Dr. Klaper’s Master Class. 

Fruit Pudding & Oil-Free Lentil Daal

The Heavenly Palace Seniors Community is an island of safety, health, and happiness for these seniors – especially amidst the ongoing pandemic that is raging in India. With the establishment of a WFPB menu, this is the first senior citizens community in India to embrace an evidence-based, clinically therapeutic and planet-friendly lifestyle! With this milestone under the Pod’s wing, all the seniors who enter through the doors of this community have an opportunity to heal their inflammation and chronic illness – and be happier and healthier than ever before. 

Portion controlled, wholesome, balanced meals with spiced herbal tea

The Pod expressed deep gratitude for T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., Michael Klaper M.D., Ella Stephens (PPC Pod Support Programs Manager), Heather Patrick (PPC Regional Manager), and the Founder of Heavenly Palace, Mr. Anil Kumar Monga.

To learn more about what the Virsā Pod has done over the past few years, read: Healthcare and Wellness Initiatives in Rural India and watch Impact of Plant-Based Diet on a Rural India Artisan.

Original Submission received from Nivi Jaswal of Virsā Pod on August 6, 2020






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